Filipino Masquerade Party at Bradenton Florida

Filipino Masquerade Party at Bradenton FloridaFilipino Masquerade Party at Bradenton Florida-”Wow” is the word that I use to describe the Masquerade Party that had to raise money for their mission. They sure know how to give back to the people who donated to their charity. Where do I start.

First the hotel were we stayed had a beautiful view, the food was great and the beds where very comfortable. The party itself was great. They had a DJ that played all the right songs and had everyone on the dance floor from the time we got there to the time we left.

My feet even hurt after dancing. (haha) They even had a professional dancer giving us dance lessons and a professional photography taking pictures. In fact, I hadn’t danced so much in a long time. The food they served was delicious.

Filipino Masquerade Party at Bradenton Florida- It was great seeing so many people coming together with one purpose in mind to help people in the Philippines. I would highly recommend that you all take a look at This organization which is ran by Diana has a huge heart and when you meet her, you will know why it is such a success.

If you are looking for a great charity to donate to, then look no more and donate now. My company, Sell Fast Realty, was so touched by the purpose of this organization that Evelyn and I donated $300.00 to help them.

Filipino Masquerade Party at Bradenton Florida and I am reaching out to anyone who wants to change lives of others or have friends and relatives in the Philippines to donate to this organization so they can continue to grow and help the people rebuild and start over in the Philippines.

Also, I would recommend to watch out for any other fund raisers that they will be having because you will have so much fun, see Evelyn and I there, and meet so many nice people. Thank you Diana for caring so much to make a difference in so many people’s lives. See ya at the next event.

Filipino Masquerade Party at Bradenton Florida- We will come again next year!

Filipino Masquerade Party at Bradenton Florida Rocks!

With Love ,

Kimberlee Frank- Filipino Asian Community



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